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NT Fire and Rescue Service

The current Northern Territory Public Sector Fire and Rescue Service 2011 - 2013 Enterprise Agreement is due to expire on 7 November 2013. The new agreement is being negotiated under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and in accordance with the NTPS Wages Policy.

Check back on this site regularly to receive up to date information on negotiations.

Latest Updates

Agreement approved
Bulletin 39 | Approved Agreement

Application to Fair Work Commission
Bulletin 38

Ballot results
Bulletin 37

Ballot open
Bulletin 36

Access period
Bulletin 35 | Proposed Agreement | Explanatory notes

Ballot process
Bulletin 34

In Principle Agreement
Bulletin 33 | Information Sheet

Ballot outcome
Bulletin 32

Reminder to vote
Bulletin 31

Ballot open
Bulletin 30

Proposed Agreement
Bulletin 29 | Proposed Agreement | Explanatory Notes

Ballot process
Bulletin 28

Bargaining update
Bulletin 27 | Recommendation

Bargaining update
Bulletin 26

Ballot outcome
Bulletin 25 | Post Ballot Feedback

Ballot open
Bulletin 24

Democratic ballot process
Bulletin 23

Proposed Agreement
Bulletin 22 | Explanatory notes | Proposed agreement

Ballot process
Bulletin 21

In Principle Agreement
Bulletin 20

Improved offer
Bulletin 19

Administrative salary increase
Bulletin 18

Revised offer
Bulletin 17 | Information Sheet

Current negotiations
Bulletin 16

Agree to keep Firies’ existing conditions
Bulletin 15

Update on Negotiations
Bulletin 14

United Voice rejects proposal for a revised offer
Bulletin 13

Proposal to progress negotiations
Bulletin 12

Negotiations update
Bulletin 11

Proposal to progress negotiations
Bulletin 10

Notice of no payment (Vehicles)
Bulletin 9

Notice of Wage Deductions (AirsNT Reports)
Bulletin 8

Notice of Wage Deductions (HDA)
Bulletin 7

Notice of Wage Deductions (Revoked by Bulletin 8)
Bulletin 6

Bargaining Update
Bulletin 5 of 2013

Protected Action Ballot Approved
Bulletin 4 of 2013

Revised offer
Bulletin 3 of 2013 | Information Sheet 2 of 2013

Update on negotiations
Bulletin 2 of 2013 | Information Sheet 1 of 2013

Important Information About Employee Representational Rights In Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations
Bulletin 1 of 2013



For any queries or feedback relating specifically to this enterprise agreement negotiations contact:

Employee Relations
Telephone: +61 8 8999 4282

Union Contacts