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Medical Officers

The new Medical Officers’ 2014 – 2017 Enterprise Agreement commenced on 25 March 2014. This site provides information on the negotiations (now completed) for that Agreement.


Latest Updates

Fair Work Commission Approval
Bulletin 11

Approval Process for the Medical Officers NTPS 2014 – 2017 Enterprise Agreement
Bulletin 10

Ballot outcome
Bulletin 9

Reminder to vote
Bulletin 8

Ballot Open
Bulletin 7

Proposed Medical Officers NTPS 2014-2017 Enterprise Agreement
Bulletin 6 | Proposed 2014-2017 Enterprise Agreement | Explanatory Notes

VOTE on new Medical Officers NTPS 2014–2017 Enterprise Agreement
Bulletin 5

In-Principle Agreement provided for a new Medical Officer Agreement
Bulletin 4 | Information Sheet 3

Improved Offer for a New Agreement
Bulletin 3 | Information Sheet 2

Offer for a New Agreement
Bulletin 2 | Information Sheet 1

Important Information About Employee Representational Rights In Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations
The Commissioner for Public Employment has issued Bulletin 1 of 2013 to advise on the commencement of the NTPS Teachers and Educators' enterprise bargaining negotiations and employee representation rights.


For any queries or feedback relating specifically to this enterprise agreement negotiations contact:

Employee Relations
Telephone: +61 8 8999 4282

Union Contacts