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Marine Pilots

The new Darwin Port Corporation Marine Pilotsí 2014 - 2018 Enterprise Agreement commences on 2 April 2015. This site provides information on the negotiations (now completed) for that Agreement.

Latest Updates

Fair Work Commission Approval
Bulletin 2 of 2015

Approval Process for the Darwin Port Corporation Marine Pilots’ 2014 - 2018 Enterprise Agreement
Bulletin 1 of 2015

Ballot outcome
Bulletin 8 of 2014

Vote in early January on proposed DPC Marine Pilots’ Agreement
Bulletin 7 of 2014 | Enterprise Agreements | Explanatory Notes | Letter of understanding

In-principle agreement
Bulletin 6 of 2014

Bargaining update and Revised Offer
Bulletin 5 of 2014

Proposed New Classification Structure
Bulletin 4 of 2014

Negotiations for a New Agreement
Bulletin 3 of 2014

Offer for a new Enterprise Agreement
Bulletin 2 of 2014

Important Information About Employee Representational Rights In Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations
Bulletin 1 of 2014



For any queries or feedback relating specifically to this enterprise agreement negotiations contact:

Employee Relations
Telephone: +61 8 8999 4282

Union Contacts